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Turbine Tools 2.5c

For accurate Maintenance and Alignment of all
Rotating Equipment.

Rim and Face Coupling Alignment:

On Graphical Display click Arrows on Left of Graph to
move D1 and D2 0.5 mils a click (Up/Down,Left/Right)
and the Proposed (or Original) Position moves towards
the Desired Position. (See Example Below)

Display as True Graph or Relative Positions Graph

Rim and Face Coupling Alignment.... Face Readings 16 Point
Proposed Move Optimization.... Relative and True Graphs
Metric Coupling Alignment.... Reverse Coupling Alignment

Bearing Shim Changes.... Generator Foot Shim Changes

Offset Tightwire Alignment automatically adjusts Set Points
Wire Sag automatically calculated.... Diaphragm Alignment
Tops Off Tops On Alignment.... Center Pin and Arch Spring
Use with Tightwire or Alignment Bar or Laser

Bolt Stretch Calculations.... Generator Air Test

Examples for all procedures and complete program Help file.

Click here Turbine Tools 2.5c Detailed Explanation

Click here Reverse Coupling Alignment

Click here Metric Units Explanation

Example Screen Shots:




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