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Turbine Tools 2.5c Detailed Explanation

Coupling Alignment -

Both Rim & Face and Reverse Indicator alignment with numerical and graphical displays and proposed move optimization.
The Reverse Indicator alignment works well with centrifugal pumps and motors.
The Rim & Face alignment also includes provision for 16 point face readings.

For Proposed Move Optimization, first enter data to find the desired move at each support. Then enter a proposed move and find the resulting alignment.
Example: Desired move is up 0.007 and no 0.007 shim is available. If a 0.005 or 0.010 shim is proposed, the program will quickly determine what the resulting coupling alignment will be for each case and the optimum alignment can be easily seen.

Also can quickly determine if an acceptable alignment may be obtained by moving only one bearing support rather than both supports.
See Example - Single Coupling Data, where acceptable alignment is obtained by making a proposed move at only the D1 bearing support.

The proposed move data may be entered either numerically or graphically. When running the program, you can click the up or down arrow at a bearing support and watch the graph as the shaft moves towards the desired alignment position.

The graphs also numerically display the desired move and the color coded values at the intersection of the actual line, the proposed line, and the desired line with the D1 and D2 supports.
See Example Displays - Single Coupling True Graph and Reverse Coupling Graph.

For Reverse Indicator alignment can enter and display either dial indicator readings or relative shaft positions. And can convert relative shaft positions to dial readings or vice versa.
Example: For the driven section to be open on the face 0.002 at the top, what are the desired dial readings? Or for a recorded set of dial readings how much is the face open?

In the Turbine Tools 2.5 program, the rim and face coupling alignment and the reverse coupling alignment portions of the program work quite well with Metric Units.
See Example Displays - Metric Coupling Data.

Tightwire Alignment -

With Offset Alignment so the set points are automatically set. This saves time as it is not necessary to repeatedly adjust the wire to get the set points at their exact desired readings. Just record the set point readings and the program automatically adjusts all calculations.

This allows tightwire alignment to be as quick and as accurate as a laser at a fraction of the cost.

The wire sag is calculated and displayed for any tension weight, any wire thickness and for each reading location. Provision is also provided for using an alignment bar instead of a tightwire.
The program can be used equally well with laser data.

Relative Wire Readings -

For the Relative Wire Readings, the readings are corrected for offset alignment and wire sag and the results are displayed as actual readings (Top, Bottom, Left) and as relative positions (amount High, Low / Left, Right).

Diaphragm Alignment -

With provisions for both Arch Spring and Centering Pin diaphragms. Determines the proper move at each location for desired alignment.

Rotor Position -

This will determine the desired set points for the wire based on rotor postion readings taken to the shaft.

Tops Off Tops On Alignment -

Calculates the true position at each location for both readings with and without a top reading. Also calculates ellipticity or bore roundness.

Bearing Shim Change -

Calculates the shim change at each angle of shim pad by combining both horizontal and vertical moves and displays to 0.0000 inch.

Generator Foot Shim -

Calculates the shim change at four locations along each Generator Foot and displays to 0.0000 inch.

Bolt Stretch -

Determines the amount in inches of rotation around the circumference of the nut required to achieve desired stretch as specified by either extensionometer (mils elongation) or in number of hex head flats.

Generator Air Test -

Takes all the data for any duration test and determines the amount of leakage in cubic feet per day. Works for either air or Hydrogen in the generator.

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